Reasons for Domain Migration

Better Services or Pricing: Website owners might consider migrating their domain to a new registrar to take advantage of better services, customer support, or more affordable pricing.

Consolidation: Sometimes, website owners may have domains registered with multiple registrars and may choose to transfer them all to a single registrar for easier management.

End of Service: If a domain registrar is discontinuing its services or going out of business, users might need to migrate their domains to a new registrar to ensure continued management and control over their domain.

Domain Expired or About to Expire: To prevent accidental domain expiration, website owners may transfer their domain to a new registrar with better reminders and renewal options.

Domain Name Ownership Change: When a domain changes ownership, the new owner might transfer the domain to their preferred registrar for management.

Dispute Resolution: In some cases of domain disputes or disagreements with the current registrar, website owners may choose to transfer their domain to a different registrar.